The Brand

Creativity takes many forms and paths; Grahams Brand is the creative result of my life journey in the cannabis industry, taking it from dark shadows and controversy of my teenage years to present day transparency and legality.

The Backstory

The incubation and seeds of my company began in 2013 in a garage in McKinleyville, CA during the black market, underground heyday of the industry.

As California began to embrace the idea of a legal medical market I saw the path to recreational legalization as eminent. It was time to come out from the shadows, embrace transparency and make Grahams Brand an industry leader.

Transparency is a two-edge sword that not only led to notoriety, but also to community awareness and openness of my farm and an uncertain new path and vision.

Years spent on the road at cannabis industry trade shows, marketing Grahams Brand as a “Family Farm” in anticipation of California voters approving the Adult Use Of Marijuana Act in 1996 brought the company into the light and at the forefront of a burgeoning new industry.

My years of genetic experimentation led to the first branded cannabis strain in Humboldt County, Berryessa Blue Dream, a flagship brand of the company. Other strains followed leading to what Grahams Brand is today, a cannabis company devoted to community involvement, health awareness, and legal compliance.

This is my future and my vision for Grahams Brand as I move forward in uncharted waters.