The Brand

Creativity takes many forms and paths; Graham’s Brand is the creative result of my life journey in the cannabis industry, taking it from dark shadows and controversy of my teenage years to present day transparency and legality.

The Backstory

After cutting his teeth in various roles in the OG cannabis industry, Graham decided to launch his own company.The incubation and seeds of my company began in 2013 in a garage in McKinleyville, CA during the black market, underground heyday of the industry.

As California began to embrace the idea of a legal medical market, Graham saw the path to recreational legalization as imminent and decided it was time to come out from the shadows, embrace transparency and make Graham’s Brand an industry leader. Years spent on the road at cannabis industry trade shows, marketing Graham’s Brand as a “Family Farm” in anticipation of California voters approving the Adult Use Of Marijuana Act in 2016 brought the company into the light and at the forefront of a burgeoning new industry.

Each of our five leading strains is the result of years of trial and error as Graham experimented with various strain options in his quest to create the optimal Humboldt Flowers.  The early brand names (Berryessa Blue Dream, Mt. Hamilton Headband and Alumn Rock O.G.) were each inspired by places in and around San Jose, where Graham grew up.  The names for the latest two strains (Mactown Diesel and Evergreen Queen were inspired from the time Graham, spent in Humboldt County, where he lives with his two young daughters.  We have also launched the Eureka Brand, under which we plan to use to sell our limited edition or special run products, the last of which was Original Glue, which sold out.  Graham also developed a popular rosin product marketed under the name La Tabula Rasa, which we hope to bring back to market early next year..

Graham’s Brand unique labels were commissioned by local artist Pat Ryan and are modeled after the fruit labels that were once featured throughout California and are an homage to the State’s rich, high quality agricultural tradition.

All of our Humboldt Flowers are grown in our state of the art indoor facility in downtown Eureka right on the 101 High Way, using 100% renewable energy and hydro techniques developed by Graham and others over the years.   We hand trim all of our flowers to exacting standards and we pay a living wage to our workers.  We continue to collaborate with the old school Humboldt County cultivators and processors to hone our techniques and further improve our products.

We will not sell any product under the Graham’s Brand name that is not up to Graham’s personal exacting standards of excellence. We continue to partner with the Humboldt Seed Company in an effort to develop new products, which will be brought to market under our Eureka Brand label, most likely in special order or limited run batches.